Node not found with ctl-f

"Quick question-I hope. I deployed my flows and a message popped up:
The workspace contains some nodes that are not properly configured:
MY-6-3-TESTING-1 (ui_chart)
Are you sure you want to deploy?"

But I can't find it. It shows up in the 'find' but clicking on the node does nothing. Is there another way?

So, I'm not getting any response. This node sometimes comes up as an error when deploying.
My question is: How to find the node in the file system and manually delete it.
The node in question has been formally removed via dashboard several months ago yet it still shows up.
No error as everything work just annoying.

Which version of node-red are you using, I think there were some improvements to that code a little while ago.

If all else fails then you can edit the flow json file and remove it, taking care to keep it valid json. Make a copy of the file first, but no doubt you have it backed up anyway. Then restart node red.

Version 12.18.3
I upgraded node-red a couple of weeks ago.

I don't think node-red is at version 12.18.3, that is nodejs. You can check the node-red version by looking at the bottom of the hamburger menu dropdown, but if you did update node-red recently then that isn't the problem.

OK- node-red is at 1.1.2

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