The workspace contains some nodes that are not properly configured:

Why am I getting this message all time?

Even if i will create a new and empty "Flaw" and press the button "Deploy". I will get again same message!
Few times I did reboot the "Node-red", doesn't help!

How are you doing that?
The best way is to run node-red in a terminal and it will tell you which flows file it is using. Delete that flows file and start node-red again and it will create a new empty file. If that is what you are doing then post what you see in the terminal when you start node-red after deleting the file. Use the </> button to paste the log here.

Try Colin's suggestions and also check if these unconfigured nodes are configuration nodes

you can see all configutaion nodes by clicking on the top upper right icon and choosing Configuration nodes

if any nodes are greyd out and are not needed you can double click them and delete them

take care not to delete any necessary things

For beginners in node-red like me! Delete flow to restart node-red

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