Starting getting errors when pressing deploy, how does one debug this?

Hi all. day 2 of node-red here and have a slight annoyance :slight_smile:

since yesterday each time I press deploy I get this message (error?) complaing about The workspace contains some nodes that are not properly configured: (see screen)


I have searched for nodes contain these but could only find what seems some natives sub flows

how does one go about dealing/debugging with this?

thx so much in advance!


Go to the sidebar, click config tab, click unused, then click unused items and press delete, then redeploy.

thx so much @E1cid

it seems that there aren't any flows in that config tab:

what am I missing? :slight_smile:



Are you on the unused tab, as it looks like that is all tab. Also make sure none of your flows contains nodes with red warning triangles.

thx again @E1cid

both used and used tabs show nothing:

also went through all flows and no visible red triangles


the home assistant one with 77 configs is not being used, double click it and delete any configs not being used. If all 77 are not being used then just delete the whole thing.

What do you see if you search (CTRL-F) for is:invalid ?

thx guys!


yes the is:invalid search did do the trick and showed some sub flows that when deleted removed the error message. I hope these sub flows didn't contain critical things to note-red :smiley:

thx again guys


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