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Hi All!

I have been using NodeRed for a while but suddenly i'm unable to do deployments. After making desired changes to a flow and hitting the deploy button it keeps 'running' and nothing happens.
Anyone who is able to help out?

I dont use HA so can only ask questions in an effort to help you resolve this.

  • What version of node-red are you running (check the node-red menu, top-right hamburger menu, version is listed at the bottom of the menu)

  • What browser are you using to access node-red editor?

  • Can you look in your browsers console (usually accessed via F12 key or browser menu under "dev tools") - are there any errors?

Once hitting the deploy the screen turns grey and the icon is showing that its 'running' but never bumps back to the editor becoming available then. Reloading also returns all changed flows back to their old state

Ah, that sounds like whatever you are deploying is crashing node-red and it is being restarted by the HA Docker environment.

I dont know how (you may need to ask on HA forum) but if you know how - please look at the server side (node-red) logs - i bet there are many clues there.

This seems to be a bug in v2.2.2 that was introduced on Apr 4th with the commit for issue #3509 to "Prevent shortcut deploy when deploy button shaded"

It looks like the variable hasUnusedConfig is being used outside of the this section around line #333 of editor-client/src/js/ui/deploy.js:

if (!skipValidation) {
    let hasUnknown = false;
    let hasInvalid = false;
    let hasUnusedConfig = false

and then around line # 464 it's referenced in $ajax.done() function.

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Yes, that has been resolved in master: fix out of scope reference of hasUnusedConfig variable by HiroyasuNishiyama · Pull Request #3535 · node-red/node-red · GitHub

However line 464 is after the deployment so this doesnt match up with the OPs statement "Reloading also returns all changed flows back to their old state"

Thanks Steve -- i've pulled the latest and it fixed my instance as well.

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