Unhide Node Red Flow

Hello There,
I have Node red running in Synology docker.
Suddenly I have noticed that some of my flows are hidden. Don't know how and since when these flows were hidden....
I am sure, flow is still there, as automation is still running...
Can someone help to unhide them...

Many thanks.

What version of Node-RED are you using? There was an issue in early 1.2.x releases that could cause this - but they have all been fixed in the more recent releases.

Thanks for reply @knolleary,
Here is info from my docker screen.

[info] Node-RED version: v0.20.5 
[info] Node.js  version: v8.15.1

If it helps, I am primarly using it to do automations for Home Assistant.

Any one ?
I am really desperate to solve this. I have tab for my Alarms (which is now hidden) which I must change. And I have many many tabs which I am at risk to lose...

Hi, if you send me your flows file I will see if I can repair it for you.


that is so generous of you... Thank you very very much.

I just decided to bite the bullet and start updating my system in another docker. in this I will take latest image and try to import. Hoping that it will show me the flows / tabs which got hidden. So night is long, and will let you know by morning... If that doesn’t work, will send you my flows.

So, updated to latest Node Red from Docker. After importing existing flows, there was tab waiting for me called as "Recovered Nodes" with message The nodes on this flow were missing a valid flow id when they were imported. They have been added to this flow so you can either restore or delete them. Really really good.

On top of that, new node red consumes much less memory and CPU.... So all in all, update was worth....

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