Node-red version 16.0.0 lost all flows

Hello, good morning,

I just update to the nodered version 16.0.0 and I lost all flows, all is empty, do you know how an update can remove all flows?

is any way to recover it?

thanks in advance.

Hello @kerontide, welcome to the forum.

There is no such thing as Node-red version 16.0.0, the current version is 3.1.0.
Perhaps you have Node-red installed in/with Home Assistant? If so I can't advise you.

If you just have Node-red, go to your .node-red folder and look for files named something.json

I think at one time the default name for the flows file was flows_hostname.json but now I think it is flows.json (there is also a flows_hostname_cred.json (?) or flows_cred.json)
If you have the older version you can just rename these two files. (make a backup first!)

thanks a lot!!! yes you are right I have node-red under HA.

Thanks a lot it helps me and sorry about the inconveniences.

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