2 inputs function: mqtt & telegram?

Hi there!
I'm very new to nodered (what a huge world to discover!)
I come to my 1st issue....
I would like to do something simple,but I cannot figure out how to do (even based on http://noderedguide.com/node-red-lecture-6-example-6-7-multiple-inputs-on-a-function-node/)

let's me explain the situation:
I would like to get the state of a tasmota sonoff switch as an answer to a telegram message.

Let's image I sent on my phone "light?" by telegram...I wish to received "on" or "off".
good point is that I have on mqtt a retained "stat" topic from the tasmota, so I can know anytime what is it's state.

So my idea was to draw:

  • an MQTT input node (with the relevant "stat" topic)
  • a telegram receive node.
    and join both their outputs on same "function" node...
    and here I'm stuck...the documentation talk about "topics"....ok for mqtt input...but telegram does not have topic?

One way would be to use a change node in the path of the tasmota and just set msg.topic to something.
Another way (as you only have two inputs) is to use the lack of a topic to indicate the other branch. So "if (msg topic == " whatever... else (it must be the other one (tasmota))

I'm not 100% sure I understand your requirements but from what I can gather...

  1. Use a function node after MQTT to store status of light in a flow variable named "light".
  2. When you receive a telegram use a switch node to determine if the message is "light?". Connect the output to a function node to retrieve the value from your flow variable and pass it on as a msg.payload to the telegram node as a reply.

Use flow.set('light', msg.payload); to store MQTT status in flow context and to retrieve it, var lightStat = flow.get('light');