2 questions on ui_chart (bar chart)

  1. Is there a way to show labels on the bars? I've searched the forum and haven't found an answer. There is a plug-in for chartjs (datalables) but haven't found anything on how to get it working with ui_chart.

  2. Is there a way to add a border to a stacked bar chart? I have tried the following but it seems to have no effect

elements: {
            borderColor: "white"

All the other options (scales, legends, plugin->title) seem to work. Thanks for your help.

I figured a work around for the border color issue and am now setting the barThickness based on the number of datapoints. I was setting the bar thickness to a fixed width to avoid the chart displaying really broad bars if the number of datapoints were few. I set it to "0" if the datapoints are greater than X and a fixed width if below X and that results in the chart node automatically calculating the optimal width.

On the data labels - the only way I could figure this out is showing the data points in a table.

Does anyone have other suggestions? Thanks..

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