74HC595 - shift register - how to use on node-red

could you guide me how should I work using 74HC595 on node-red installed on a raspberry pi 3?

Welcome to the forum!

Can I ask what you are trying to do with a 74HC595?

Thank you for your attention!
I need to make a board with 48 relays to work with node-red.
But I didn't find a flow.

Which board are you using?

I need to combine 3x boards similar to these with 16 channels:

I'm basing this project on pyhon. But I would like to run it with some node-red node

basically I want to automate the lighting of a shed which I will use around 40 relays.

So you have a shed with 40 lights?

You may have more luck with the MCP23017 chips, there are several nodes that work with them such as this

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Must be a very large shed or a disco :star_struck:


thanks for the tip.
I will buy some to test. So far I have had success with CI PCF8574A using python commands.
I created an EXEC node and it was easy.

With MCP23017 you can control from within NR at least :grinning:

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