A bit of background on NR, Dave and Nick ? - TIme permitting

Hey Guys,

We all probably know snippets about the NR story - where it came from etc, any chance of getting a one pager on the whole thing as well as where Nick and Dave are professionally at the moment ?

i.e Nick appears to have left IBM and started his new venture fulltime - what about Dave - is he still at IBM or somewhere else ?

I seem to recall in the early days didn't IBM fund all the development of NR ?


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There is the About page on the website that gives the history.



And as for me - yes I'm still at IBM - now in the research division. Still committed to Node-RED, and using it day to day, but less time to develop it of course. Still tweaking nodes. I still talk to Nick once, twice a week, but of course he has his hands rather full now, and I'm not party to those other discussions.


@knolleary Nick, if you don't mind sharing, what is the new gig?

Nick is founder, CTO, chief engineer, tea maker of Flowforge https://flowforge.com/

Thanks! But who empties the waste baskets? :slight_smile:

right click - and the bits are all fully recycled.

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Would be interesting to know more about FlowForge; business ideas? Will you for instance offer consultancy to companies?

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