A command line to show all versions running

Hi mates, may I please suggest to create a command line, for example node-red-version where is possible to show all important informations at the same time, thank you!
uname -r
node -v
npm -v
node-red --h

You can use semi colons or double ampersand or echo a string

uname -r; node -v; npm -v; node-red --help
uname -r && node -v && npm -v && node-red --help
echo -e "Kernel:\t\t$(uname -r)\nNode.js:\t$(node -v)\nnpm:\t\t$(npm -v)\nnode-red:\t$(node-red --help)"

the last one should give you all data in one go

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thank you! A bit hard to remember, if on the next versions can be included on a batch command will be great :slight_smile:

I agree, a node-red command line option to report system info would definitely simplify support questions.

Something like node-red --info (to differentiate from node-red --version - which also isn't a thing oddly)

If you open an issue and link back to this topic, I will assess it for NR V4.

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Thanks, I did it.
Searched on gituhub for NR, issues, feature request, it forwarded me again in this forum, I created it

Not the same thing I know, but in case you did not know, in the editor if you Right Click the background and Show Action List, you can select Show System Info to see that information, and a lot more.


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