A feature request for dashboards

I am still learning about this part of it and I know some of you could do this with one hand tied behind your back.

Although you can add pictures to the BACKGROUND of a web page, when you make a group for buttons, text, (what ever) it would be nice if you could also add a background to that area too.

Though "background" may not be the right word. Maybe "Texture"?
A long time ago on the Amiga - if you ever used it - in their later versions of the O/S, you could set patterns/textures/(I can't remember the exact term/name use) and they would be "tiled" all over the area of the screen - either the window or workbench (Their name for what is called in windows the desktop). That would add a nicer look than a blank flat colour.

This addition would make some web pages a lot nicer than just having a "flat" colour around the buttons/sliders/text boxes, etc.

You can already do that using the same technique as adding an image to the background of the page - by using a ui_template with a small bit of css.

Search the forum and/or old google group where this is answered many times.

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I have this working, but it isn't quite what I mean.

But the "coverage" isn't as complete as I am suggesting.

I shall have to dig up a paint program to show exactly what I want.
None of the paint programs do what I want so it is going to take some time to get an example.

I may search the net for pictures with the same kind of effect.


This is the best analogy I can give.

This is what I want with the image in the group:

You can see that the background picture is everywhere in the "group".

There is no blank boarder around the "item". Say text input, gauge, button, etc.

It is "part of" the whole picture.

Is that possible?

Getting this is not as nice:

Yes it is possible with the right CSS in a uitemplate node.

Have you searched the old mailing list where it has been discussed before?

Yes and all I can get to work is the not wanted result where any "fields" / tools / (what ever) are not transparent.

Because I don't know what the terms are, it is difficult to search for that I don't know.

I am trying to get a full example made but Kolorpaint is driving me crazy. I can get the "brush" with a transparent colour but when I paste, the colour isn't and so I am back to square one.

You need to set the CSS styles of the widgets to have a different background.

Sorry that's all I can help you with today. I'm off to the beach.

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(Again: I am not wanting to be argumentative, but want to be sure all is understood.)

I have finally got the paint program to do what I want.

(Bad example but better than the other one I posted)

This is what I have now as a screen:

Ok, it is clear, but....

This is what I am wanting to get - all be it a bit messy.
I'll put it down to the paint program.

Ok, CSS, JavaScript and all that. I don't know the magic words/terms/commands.

If it is possible, then I guess I need to learn.

But if it isn't, I think it would be a nice feature.
For screens with buttons I think it would really make them look better.

Instead of repeating the question how about trying what has been suggested ? Search this forum for “transparent background” and one of the results is what you are looking for.
(And yes you will need some css to change it from being totally transparent to being a tiled image. But google can help there)

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I want to be sure the question I am asking and the answers I get are for the same thing.

Otherwise everyone gets more confused and even more time waste.

The answer you are searching for is in a thread where you already asked this question. So yes it’s already wasted time.