A node to read lines from a csv list

I have a simple list of tide times like this on the local storage
hl number AEST date & time height
0 60050 1/01/2022 6:59 1.76
1 60050 1/01/2022 13:25 0.19
0 60050 1/01/2022 19:04 1.16
1 60050 2/01/2022 0:49 0.03
0 60050 2/01/2022 7:50 1.86

Can someone suggest a node to read in the data, I want to load todays tide time and simply display it on the dashboard

You can run the data through a csv node, use "space" as separator, this will create an array of objects or separate objects.
How you want to proceed from there depends on how you want to display it.

So many nodes - so little time :slightly_smiling_face:

note that the csv node is already part of the core nodes.

Found it and that will process the rows for me. Thanks.
But I cant see where to tell it to get / open the data from. I was planning on saving the file on the local storage somewhere and think I need a node to open my file and feed the data to this csv node

Maybe a file read node to read the file ? And maybe an inject node to start it all off ?

Easy, thanks for the suggestions. Now the challenge is can I mark both suggestions as solution

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