A problem with redis nodes

Greetings, I've successfully used redis from node-red in the past, and have just started a new piece of work which again needs redis, I'm using nodes from node-red-contrib-redis 1.3.7 but I'm having a struggle getting stuff to work, and this is probably me being an idiot !

The example from from the info page ( node-red-contrib-redis (node) - Node-RED ) all work fine, but when I use the nodes in my own code it fails in a strange way.

Here's an example of the problem, the sample flow has a redis command node showing how to do an hmset, but if I do what should be exactly the same thing - I copy the inject node with topic = myHash and a JSON payload = {"a":"1","b":2} and send that into a redis command node having selected the HMSET command it fails with "ReplyError: ERR wrong number of arguments for 'hmset' command"

The data going into the node must be correct - its the same inject node as used in the example - the only difference is its going into a redis command node where I selected the 'action'

To prove this I copied the sample hmset command node and this works - so what doesn't work is me configuring a command node myself - and all you have to do is literally select the command you want to use, in this case HMSET !?!?

so, I'm baffled . . . any ideas appreciated !


further investigation - the sample node is weird because it's configured for the hmset command ( note thats lower case ) but the node configuration, when you open it, doesn't show the command ! because the command list is all UPPER CASE. If I select HMSET from the command list it fails with the error I reported, and if I export the code and change HMSET to hmset and reimport it, then it works !

So it seems to be case related - but the crazy thing is, you can't configure lower case commands in the node - the list only has upper case, and these fail :frowning: I'm pretty baffled by this

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