A question about using ui_update in Dashboard 2

If I use msg.ui_update to modify one of the core node's properties is there a way of getting back to the original property setting other than restarting? I ask because, as I understand it, ui_update is not automatically available to third party ui nodes so I am emulating the core node operation in my node and want to make sure that it operates in the same way as it does in the core nodes.

Currently, no there isn't, but we do maintain the states separately on the server-side, so it's something we could support/introduce

RE; this statement, it's a best practice that we can't really enforce for third-party nodes. We've just built the core nodes to be consistent in this pattern

I meant that there is not (as far as I know) any help given to third party nodes to handle ui_update, so I have to provide it all myself. Not that there is any problem doing that, it is easy I think.

OK, I will do the same then so that I have the possibility of remaining compatible. Thanks.