[Announce] Dashboard Version 2.17.0, 1

Hi everyone, We have just published Dashboard version 2.17.0


  • Better vertical align larger button icons if supplied via label text
  • Fix ui_notification node to not accept raw HTML by default, add option to allow.

No real enhancements - but a critical fix to the ui_notification node that does change behaviour slightly. By default the node used to accept any html you passed to it - including any javascript code. If you hooked up a text_input node then any input could be passed right through and allow execution of dodgy code.

We have now added a checkbox to re-enable this (old) behaviour. The default is to force the input to text so any tags would be rendered as they are typed. For most users who just send text alerts there will be no difference.

Users will have to select the tick box to re-enable the old behaviour - but hopefully this will only be done with due diligence, having first inspected where the input messages come from.


Just checking:

Has the bug with the charts been fixed where the text/graph data is corrupt (bad vertical styles)?

I posted a question about this a long time ago and was told it is/was a known bug.

probably not - check the issues list

Ok. No worries.

2.17.1: Maintenance Release

Apologies - I managed to break the notifications when not using rich html... - ie most of the time.
Now fixed.
And have added a warning about a widget not declaring an order property which is mandated - Really just for developers of ui-widgets so they are aware to set one in order to allow widgets to be placed around the screen correctly and stay where they are put.


  • Add warning re missing order property in custom widget nodes
  • Fix notifications. Issue #537.
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