[Announce] Dashboard Version 2.20.0

As it's been a while and few little fixes and enhancements have built up - here is version 2.20.
Don't forget to flush browser cache after upgrade to ensure latest client side code gets loaded.


  • Add open and close options for groups to ui_control node.
  • Add cubic and cubic-monotone to chart interpolation options.
  • Allow ui_control msg to widgets also set .label property.
  • Add option to try to load dist/loading,html for those that want it.
  • Add msg.event for button clicks.
  • Make Gridstack a normal dep so they can count installs. Bump to v0.5.5
  • Let mousewheel change slider. Issue #575.
  • Add UTC option to Chart node X-Axis
  • Add no resend on refresh option to template node.


  • Add placeholder to ui-form date type to give a clue that yyyy-mm-dd works for Safari.
  • Fix dropdown to save topic for input for subsequent selections. Issue #570.
  • Fix colour picker to show appropriate controls by default. Issue #572.

As usual - feedback here please. and or project issue if a biggie...


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