[Announce] Dashboard 2.22.0, 1

Hi All,

as we have a long weekend here in UK - here is a little release of Dashboard to play with.
Thanks to some great Pull Requests it made sense to do so.

As usual make sure you flush your client browser cache after restarting the server side.
Feedback and corrections welcome as usual.


  • Add group (open/closed) event to ui_control output.
  • Let browser bar theme copy dashboard theme (for Android).
  • Add id to Tab div tag so css can be targetted.
  • Add option for multi-selects in dropdown. PR #588


  • Document _dontSend option for beforeSend callback.
  • Let slider repeat click work in "send at end" mode.
  • Force client reauth when old socket connection times out and 401s. PR #586
  • Fix navigation history, so back/formward browser buttons work. PR #587
  • Force socket.io to use secure link when using https.
  • Allow dropdowns to take up more space on screen for longer lists.
  • Make sure we don't fail on a null msg from a template.

Great job, many thanks to all involved in the development process.

And now version 2.22.1 with a couple of minor escapes

2.22.1: Maintenance Release


  • Re-insert missing weather icons fonts.
  • Fix slider logic for touch devices. Issue #589
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