[Announce] Dashboard Version 2.14.0

Usual mix of incremental features and small fixes.


  • Allow Tabs to be hidden or disabled dynamically from a ui_control msg.
  • Finally remove deprecated second output from ui_chart node.
  • Allow ui_form to be submitted with empty fields (if they are not required)


  • Don't try to close non-existent menu at start (logging issue only) - Issue #470
  • Add startsWith polyfill for IE11
  • Ensure active sidebar menu item is highlighted - Issue #472
  • Sanitise display of html input - Issue #473
  • Respect msg.socketid to return msg back to selected session when using ui_template
  • Allow dropdown to have 0 pre-configured values, by removing validation.
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On a Point of Order, isn't removing a deprecated feature classed as a breaking change?

Good Q... My thoughts are only if it breaks something... if you had something connected to that port - it will leave it there and keep working... so existing users won't break. But new users won't have the option.

You mean if there is a flow using it the second output will still work, but if you place a new node then you won't be able to access a second output? Not a breaking change in that case :slight_smile:

yes exactly.