[Announce] Dashboard version 2.28.0, 1

Some updates and fixes to the Dashboard - the main one being that the optional topic that some nodes could add - is now a typed input - that means you can now set it from an incoming msg.property or a context property - as well as a string as before.

As usual make sure you fully flush your local browser cache to ensure latest code gets loaded.


  • Add two column option to ui_form widget. PR #680
  • Let topic setting be a typed input for nodes that output topic.


  • Fix msg.vol for tts out
  • Fix dropdown again to display input value when in not passing though mode. Issue #675
  • Fix dropdown to allow clearing/resetting by sending an empty message (part of fix above)
  • Add option to switch custom icons to animate (a bit) - works with more icon types now.

And 2.28.1... to fix some sizing / CSS issues with the new ui_form two column mode

2.28.1: Maintenance Release


  • Fix ui-form sizing issue.
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