[Announce] Dashboard Version 2.19.0, 1, 2, 3, 4

I know... just like London buses - nothing for ages then two releases come along in quick succession.
But thanks to a good pull request that lets the ui_form node accept data to pre-fill it here we are...
Plus a small fix that got broken in the justgage update ...


  • Let ui_form node accept input to be prefilled, and add multiline text
  • Let dialog be removed by blank message.


  • Fix undocumented change to justgage custom sectors api. Issue #547

2.19.1: Maintenance Release

Just the fix for the gauges positioning wrt titles, and the material icons are now part of the package.
thanks to @Rotzbua


  • Self host Material Icons Font - PR #550


  • Adjust Gauge title spacing.

2.19.2: Maintenance Release


  • Revert dropping of angular material icons with animation. Issue #552
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2.19.3: Maintenance Release

Few tiny things to tidy up before Xmas


  • Let dropdown node status show selected label rather than value.


  • Fix notification node to send cancel instead of OK when dismissed by blank message.
  • Fix angular theme reverting to light in menu. Issue #554

2.19.4: Maintenance Release


  • Add feedback option to dialog widget.
  • Add persistantFrontEndValue property to addWidget options so it possible to avoid replay message to be sent when front end reconnect. PR #558


  • Re-add gridstack min map to reduces warnings
  • Added crossorigin attribute to manifest link. PR #560

Morning @dceejay,
Perhaps I'm not interpreting this PR correctly, but could it be a solution for another discussion also? As discussed there, we have implemented @hotnipi's workaround to filter replayed messages by throwing away all messages that arrive during the first N milliseconds. But got today feedback that this doesn't work always, since ALL context menu nodes replay their last state after deploy. Which results in messed up floorplans:

I could try to make increase the filter time, but then the dashboard becomes unresponsive some time after refresh... So if that pull-request fixes this, that would be awesome!

It should do

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Got feedback that the problem is resolved by using the persistantFrontEndValue parameter. All credits go to @dceejay and @Thierry!