A simple way to control relay

When you need to control relays , usually you use a raspberryPi. Mostly the pi works great, however, when you need an all-in-one tool to
control realys
communicate with 485 sensors
read data from zigbee sensors
What you really need is a mighty netGate PN6400
And the Node-red node is simple to use as pictured below.

You can easily use MQTT to upload data and remote-control your external devices.
We chvda company are now helping uers to develop their applications, so it's a good time to use our hardware.

The device appears to be based on Ubuntu 16.04 which is no longer supported, unless you pay for ESM support.

Not so at all! The Pi actually isn't a brilliant platform for GPIO in many ways. Most of us use an ESP or Arduino microcontroller.

Is this a sales pitch? If so, please mark it clearly as such.

It seems to be.

Many of this users posts mention or link to this unit. Even the users avatar is a photo of the device

Well, happy to see people using specific hardware with Node-RED and even to see people promoting their hardware but only if it is clear that's what they are doing and if it is fair and balanced.

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ESM support seems only apply to x86 64bit system?
In my experience, ubuntu 16.04LTS may widely work in embedded system applications.

Yes ,an explication here.
about our products

We have done plenty of work around running Node-RED on ubuntu device aka our netGate.
Our aim is to introduce the PN6400 series products to users, just like ESP has done.
At this time, we are looking for professional users to test our products and feedback their experience to us in order to continue improving the product series.

I looked at the site you linked but sadly I am far from fluent in Chinese so I can't tell how much your device costs, nor what it has to offer above a $5 microcontroller or a $15 Raspberry.

Thanks for viewing.
The price of PN6400 is US $200.
Brief data of PN6400:
cortex-A53 four cores
support Node-RED
support Z2M

1 485 uart
1 232 uart
1 user-defined LED
12~24V dc power in

Which is actually a problem and will restrict sales into many organisations. For example, in the UK, many organisations require that software and firmware on devices must remain current for the life of the product. That means that it must be possible to update it for the expected usage life, keeping all software at currently supported versions.

This is an area of growing awareness as more and more organisations end up with targeted malware that enters via poorly maintained IoT devices.

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Agree with you , so this is a good start for us to collect feedback from real world .
Thanks. :wink:

What kind of testing are you looking for? In the past I've worked testing industrial hardware for "optical automation and modbus" that ran a version of the Android Open Source Project. I looked over the site a bit with a google translate, but couldn't find many details about it.

Such as intelligent agriculture / industry 4.0 application especially based on NR.

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