Ability to do diff outside project mode + some enhancements


In Projects mode - one of the functionalities available is diff . Its one of the best functionalities in terms of knowing what changed.

Is it possible to do a diff outside - i.e user pastes a flow and this pasted flow is compared against the one which NR runtime is using.

The aim being - in non project mode - coming to know what exactly change.

Enhancements - (both project mode / non project mode)

  1. Provide option to suppress cosmetic changes - like position change of a node as a diff
  2. While i am aware ID is the key which the system uses - can we look at - doing a diff on Node Name if such option is chosen - i.e. if node name + node type and flow/subflow the node is same - then consider them same on both flows . (If such option is chosen to ignore node IDs).

If there is a way we can do it our selves - please share and i can explore.

When you say "outside" - what exactly do you mean ? Where is this pasting occurring ? If really outside of Node-RED then yes - the flow file is just json so you can use wahtever diff tools you like... meld is one for example... but none would know anything about ids and so on so would need to be enhanced in some way.

Sorry my bad. When i said Outside i meant outside Projects mode (or even within).

Say a screen where user can choose current flow in run time and past the 2nd flow he wants to compare the run time flow with - and the tool shows the differences in same GUI interface as today.

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