Programatic diff of flows

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We are moving from 0.17 to 0.19 because we love the Git features ! But on various projects we have some tricky migration issues with flows and how we handle version.

Let's say I have a flow_branch1.json and a flow_branch2.json we want to merge

  • On 0.17 we put the flow_branch1.json
  • Load Node-RED
  • Show the dashboard
  • Replace the flow by flow_branch2.json
  • Restart Node-RED
  • The UI popup and ask for a Merge
  • Save

Is there a programatic way to diff/merge (if there is no conflict) flows ?
something like merge('flow_branch1.json','flow_branch2.json')

We don't use git diff ? because in 0.17 the json is scrambled and must be diff "in memory" that's why we'll move all project asap to 0.18 / 0.19 that are so clean :slight_smile: