Access Name of Message Object

I have a message, where the Object Name is dynamic. I would like to extract that and re-form the message a bit. I cant figure out how to access the name of the object. Ive tried msg.payload.* but that gives me back everything within the object. I've tried msg.payload.value but that doesnt seem to do the trick either.

Ive figured out that I can to a msg.payload.*.rms_x and I get the value, but I still need to somehow get that Object name, that 00:13:A2:00:41:BA:6B:25 and insert it as a value into the object.

Can anyone please give me a hint on how to access that Object name?

I think I found a way. If I pass the message into a Change block, and set a new msg.SensorID to a JSONATA of $keys($.payload) I get the value into that field.

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