Access problem to influxDB from node Red - different Server

just found the same - the old document was different :wink:
and the error changed

14.9.2021, 13:13:43node: DB433Mhz_2 Balkon
msg : error
"Error: A 403 Forbidden error occurred: {"error":"user is required to write to database \"DB433Mhz_2\""}↵"

i thinks to be required is because i am on 1.8.9 - maybe this changed too!
And yes it did not have a user till now

So are you now able to solve the problem?

yes i did!

at line 264 i had to add a # and then it worked again
"# auth-enabled = true"

node red write to the DB
Grafana Read out from the DB

thanks @Colin for your help and support i am happy

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