Error: connect EHOSTUNREACH 172.xx.xx.xx:8086 while connecting to influxdb

I configured everything correctly i think but i always receive this notification:
Error: connect EHOSTUNREACH 172.xx.xx.xx:8086
while trying to connect to my influxdb

@cyntia Pola, welcome to the forum.

If you want some help you need to remember no one but you knows what you are doing. The only response I could you with the information you have provided is that you have an issue on your network. BUT I don't know if you are trying to access a device on your local network or out on the internet. It could be a firewall issue. Are you doing this at home or at work? what devices are you using? what version of Node-red?

It is best to give an overview of what you are trying to do so please give us some details.

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Hello,thanks so much @zenofmud Paul.
I'm working from home.
I'm trying to inject some data from node red to influxdb so i first want to see if it is well connected( my node red with the influxdb )
My node red and influxdb are on a remote server (the same).
The version of influxdb is 2.0 and node red 1.0.3.

I'm completely new in node red and influxdb

thank you I could manage it

If you are saying you solved your issue, could you explain what it was. That could help others in the future.