Need to setup Influxdb node


I am new to influx and nodered.
I have a requirement where i need to read the data from sensors and get a visualization of temperature, humidity, air quality.

We have node red and influx 2.1.1 on a windows server machine.
We are using node red for accessing the data, so i installed the node-red-contrib-influxdb node from Manage Palatte in nodered, and created this flow but it gives error
Gives me error when i inject "Error: connect ECONNREFUSED"

Can anybody help me in setting up the node with details

Welcome to the forum!

You need to create a token in InfluxDB and enter it into the token field.

I have provided it. but still i face issue. Node red is in kubernetes and influx is just on the vm

Sorry, can't help you with that!

Node red is in kubernetes and influx is just on the vm

Use http://<ip of the vm>:8006 instead of localhost.

When i provide the ip of vm, it gives me different error HttpError: 404 Not Found : {"error":"database not found: "Data""}.

I have Data bucket created in influx db

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