Send string data to influxdb v2 running in Portainer

Influxdb v2 running in Portainer

I create a Bucket name Red, under Organization name is OBS, already create a Token and is running in localhost;8086

I have this data from my sensor as a string from a HTTP Get node
dataGMTTime=2024/04/17 00:00:55
cwinfo=Serial: 2387, FW: 5.88

II need to send this data to inlfuxdb, I try GPT, YOU TUBE you name it no luck. Can some one guide on what i need to do.

thanks in ADVANCE

Install or similar and take a look at the examples.

This node looks like may be easier for you to get started with, although I haven't used it myself.

You will also find many topics in this forum relating to influxdb.

OK so you have Influx running in a docker container - is Node Red also running in a Docker container (on the same machine) or on a different machine ?

Show us your docker compose file for the Portainer container so we can see how the networking is setup for the container


Have you succeeded in sending test data to the database from node-red?

Everything in one PI4 B. I haven't been able send the data. I am trying with GPT some logics but I haven't been able to see values on Influx. I try to get the Compose file in var/lib/docker/portainer/compose and it say access denied ,SInce I am new in raspberry I am loss to change the privilage

Do you have to use Docker? Unless you have a good reason to do so then don't.

Yes, I will go with out, I already have Node red stand alone so I am going to add the Influx and Grafana. But I still have the problem with the data. New to find out the best flow to accomplish it. If some one know and help me that will makit Thanks

Start by adding some test data to a test bucket using node-red-contrib-influxdb. Read the help text for the node to see how. Then you will know you are accessing the database ok.