Sending data to InfluxDB

Hey there, I'm not getting forward on my project, here shortly:

  • sensors geathering data and send via LoRaWAN to the house
  • raspberry pi get these data from serial port and stores it in influxDB-1.x
  • grafana should visualize the data for a good overview

right now I use node red (with node-red-contrib-influxdb) to store the data in influxDB
here comes the problem.
If I take the data as it comes as 'string' I get an error: 'No measurment specefied'

Here the data I'm trying to send:

sensorA,ta=22.44,tb=22.80,lf=53.00,bf=1582 ri=113

...because I don't no what to, I tryed a different way instead of solving the problem:
so I deleted the name of the measurment 'sensorA,'

and put the name of the measurment in the node-red-contrib-influxdb.

now I didn't get an error, but the result was not good.
when I checked whats in the database, I just got a time stamp with a value.

when I manually write the same data per insert into the database it works fine:

Maybe a problem with the type of the data? (string)
I don't know any programmer who could help me and I'm sure this question has be answerd before, maybe allready in the forum. I looked at a lot of influx topics, but I struggle with understanding everything (my programming knowlage is +-0).
I guess the hardest part of solving this, is to explain it to me :melting_face:
I'm happy for evey answer.

Greetings Jonathan

Please go through the documentation of the node. It will explain how to send messages to the influx node. It includes various sample flows.

Thanks Bakman2, thats some good information.

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