Access to header variables in node red editor for authentication

I want to implement a customer authentication for node red that uses a http header set by a reverse proxy. After several time searching in the internet, I was still unable to find any hint that pointed me in the right direction.

Can you help me?
How can I access the http header variables (e.g. user-agent) from within the plugin module?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Short answer: The Auth plugin api doesn't provide a way for it to access the headers. So it isn't possible to do it today.

This has come up a few times recently. There is some work going on to extend what is possible to do with Auth plugins. It doesn't currently address this particular scenario, but perhaps it should.

See my comments here Use Admin API with adminAuth type strategy

Thank you very much @knolleary :slight_smile: )
What do you mean with "there is some work going on"?

I think another authentication scenario is to use client-certificate authentication, this would also require to access the authenticated certificate e.g. using

I mean there is literally someone working on a design for this at the moment, as I describe in the post I linked to.

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