Access to the new local API on a TaHoma Box/Switch

After two days of wild experimenting - here is my approach to access the local API of my TaHoma switch:

  1. the documentation to turn on the developer mode GitHub - Somfy-Developer/Somfy-TaHoma-Developer-Mode: A collection of requests to use a local API with Somfy TaHoma gateways

  2. the interactive page for testing: Swagger UI

  3. the authentication process described in [1.] can be reproduced very well with the help of the Node-Red node "HTTP-Request" and run until the registration of the token(s). Displaying the tokens and deleting them also works as described.

  4. after that I was not able to access the local API of the switch via HTTP-Requets. This was followed by various error messages. The absolutely same commands via EXEC and "curl -X ..." (as described in [2.]) worked fine and I am satisfied with the result for now.

If further information is desired, I will gladly provide information or make the corresponding flow available.

Many greetings

Nice, thanks for the info. The "developer mode" must be something recent, this used to be oauth2 only, which was horrible to work with. I use homebridge with the tahoma plugin for now.

The overkiz node (overkiz, is what somfy uses) was recently updated, maybe that works too (didnt try)