Accessing external website through node red dashboard, done these tasks in node red dashboard

Im using Estee TF-70 biometric machine for my lab , Normally, see the users in and out record and add the users details can be done by logging to this biometric machine website. Now I want to access this website through node red dashboard so by this to do these task through nodered dashboard.

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Does the TF-70 have an API that you can access from Node red?

how can i find out the API of TF-70 biometric machine? can you help me in this regard it would be a great favour for me

The API, if available, should be documented either in the user manual, or on the Estee website.

can you help me to find out the API of estee TF 70 biometric device, it would be a great favour for me.

You should contact the manufacturer and/or the seller ask them about this.

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