Accessing Inverter HID interface via NodeRed

Good day, Learned Fellows!

I am busy doing the final touches to my inverter comms routines and have run into a snag..

Currently I access the unit via a USB->Serial adaptor, but wish to access it direct through its HID interface, removing additional bit of hardware that's getting getting in the way...

I know that the unit is accessible via the HID interface and that the communications formats are pretty much identical, yet when configuring the serial port node, I get an error to the effect of "[serialconfig:4041a1e3.96f118] serial port /dev/ttyHID1 error: Error: Error: Invalid argument setting custom baud rate of 2400"

Any pointers as to where I am messing it up? (The /dev/ttyHID1 port is available/visible/funtional through another software driver.)


Nudging.... Anybody out there?

HID != tty

You can't just hook a serial port node to a HID char device in /dev as they need to be talked to in different ways.

You may do better with

Hey @hardillb

Thanks for coming back to me..

I gave that a go... Had problems installing... Was also way old if I remember correctly....

Do you perhaps know of any other option?


Hey Guys...

After a LOT of reading up... (that amounts to more than a paragraph for me...LOL) ... I have come across node-hid ... Managed to get it installed, but now need to find out how to use it from Node-Red ....

The initial bits seem to work:

$ npm install -g node-hid
$ hid-showdevices libusb
$ hid-showdevices hidraw

I can see from a terminal session the addition or removal of a hid device, so things are talking in the background....

Crunch .... That's where my knowledge ends....

The little bit I did with a crc16Xmodem function node kinda lets me think that I can incorporate the hid functions in a similar manner, but way I'm out of my comfort zone....

I think I am on a "possible" track, but hey.... Does anybody have a gps and a white stick to lend me?

Many thanks...

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node-red-contrib-usbhid uses node-hid

Yeh... Gave it a good go to install on my Pi today, came up with an error log so long that I would hesitate to post it here...

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