Accessing the runtime settings from a function node

Another quick obscure question (Sorry!) Is it possible to access the settings (from settings.js) in a function node?

I am trying to use the httpAdmin api to get current list of flows and I need the port for the URL.


You need the port to interact with the API. You can ofcourse grep the port from the file directly, eg;
grep -i uiport settings.js

Thanks for the suggestion. Does this mean the settings are not exposed to function nodes?

Env variables are. So you could set PORT before you launch node-red then it will run on that PORT and you can access it via a function...


Aha thanks......I just noticed this in another thread

Should This work? ie in a function node, access RED.settings?

No. When I say 'in a node' I mean a node's runtime code has access to the RED.settings object.

The code inside a Function node does not.

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There are lots of ways to get at the port for the Editor/admin API. For example, check whether a function node can access the browser window data which includes the current url.

Or you could pass the port to a global var from within setttings.js. Similarly you could also set the port environment variable from within settings.js as well if you don't want to mess with it externally.

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Aha...ok thanks

Thanks all.

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