Port = RED.settings.uiPort - not working

I am trying to get the active node-RED port in a function node. I read a lot of topics about this, but in my case this doesn't seem to work.

In my settings file, it looks like this:


When I make a statement like this in a function node,

let port_nodered = RED.settings.uiPort;

I get this report:


You do not have access to RED.settings in a function node.

You could access env.get('PORT') in a function

So assuming you wanted port 2828, then you could either ...

  • set PORT as an environment variable before launching node-red (preferred / more portable)
  • in the settings file, above module.exports = {, put process.env.PORT = 2828
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@Steve-Mcl I put in the settings file, as you suggested. And it is working, thanks very much !!!

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