Accessing website with JS password


I've got a device at home which is password protected.

I saw the HTTP request node but none of the attempt I did succeeded.
The device has a login page, quite simple, a field where a code has to be typed and a Submit button.
All these are driven by Javascript (as far as I understand)

How can I type in the password field and press Submit button using Node Red ?

If that helps here is the source code of the html page.
I can't paste the source code here cause it's about 2000 lines of JS.

Thanks for your help


I'm afraid that you will have to decode what the JavaScript does and reproduce it in Node-RED.

Unfortunately I'm no Javascript expert. If ever someone can point me in the right direction here is the web page source code : (as it's too long for pasting in here I put it on Pastebin)

As far as I can see, all that is happening is that the form is being submitted. Most of the code is doing checks or building things on screen.

The form data is submitted to ./login.html using a POST method. You should be able to work out the actual data being sent using your browser's devtools. Open the network tab on devtools before submitting the form manually and you should see the data that is sent. Then you can recreate that in an http-request node.

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