Http request access problem

hello, I'm using an "http request" node to read the values ​​of my inverter from a web page. Everything worked until a few days ago. Now it gives me an authorization error. The address from which I read the values, normally from the web, is accessible only if I first access my page with user a password, but on node red I never entered the password directly and it worked fine.

Doing tests on the web, I noticed that if I delete the cache of my browser and try to access the data page, it gives me the same error. The page where I read the data is a sub-page of the one where I put the password. I did a lot of tests but I couldn't solve it and above all I don't understand why it worked before. Do you have any ideas?

I'm using node red from a raspberry through Home Assistant.

it worked for about a month

Why not try giving the password using the 'Use authentication' tickbox?

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thanks, i've tried it. I also tried creating another node for the login page but it doesn't seem to work.

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