Accounting for british summer time

Hi all,

I never noticed this before i upgraded to v1, but it must have been a thing.

I am running a few time-triggered and time-dependent events, however, they are all running at GMT, now in the UK it is bst.

the server is recognising this:
@Home:~# date
Thu 3 Oct 21:11:21 BST 2019

and node red is partially, when i inject timestamp and debug:

03/10/2019, 21:20:31[node: d7f6503f.e90138](

msg.payload : number


the report time is correct, but the reported time is not, how do i fix this please?

Both of those seem correct to me. The first is reporting local time but the second is reporting UTC, AKA Zulu time as indicated by the trailing Z. UTC currently being 1 hour behind BST.