Simpletime and DST

Hi all,

I am using Simpletime on my dashboard to show the last update time of data. While my server time is correct (has correctly jumped forward by +1 hr last night), simpletime is still pulling GMT rather than BST.

My timezone is Europe/Dublin

With the date command, is shows the correct time
Sun 31 Mar 2024 11:22:30 IST

Are you running node-red in Docker or as a Home Assistant plugin (which uses Docker)? If so then check that the docker container is setup for the correct timezone.

Otherwise please export and paste here a simple flow (no more than a few nodes) showing the problem please and show us exactly what you see from that flow.

Exactly which node have you installed (node-red-contrib-... possibly)?

Ah right. I'm running in a Docker Container. I'll check how to setup the timezone for it.

Thanks for that