Add a diagram drawing to the configuration documentation

Hi folks,

While the Node-RED configuration documenation explains very cleary every individual parameter in the settings.js file, I have had always a problem to see the bigger picture:

  • A user raises an issue that my node cannot reach one of its endpoints, because the user has tweeked some of those settings (and my node doesn't handle that setting well enough).
  • I want to check whether I have setup basic authentication correctly on all my endpoints.
  • And so on...

Since I don't use all the settings in my own setup, it would help me if there was a diagram in the documentation that explains how it all works together. Something like this:

I have quickly made this drawing so:

  1. Feel free to correct the things that are not correct.
  2. Let me know if it is useful to add other things, like the http or disable editor settings.
  3. The drawing style is not the one used in the documentation, but not sure how to accomplish that.



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