Add a way to reset the new debug node counter (v3 feature) via a msg property

The new feature (message counter as status) of debug node in 3.0.0 beta 1 is awesome but we can't reset it to 0.

Maybe with a "msg.reset" input like at delay node or join node... :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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I second this FR :slight_smile:

I would personally avoid msg.reset as it may get caught with a msg.reset intended for another node?
e.g. msg.debugCountReset or msg.countReset might be better ?

Open to debate of course.


And a simple word like msg.clear? :thinking:

I'd like to see the status message appear after the counter - best of both worlds!

Maybe if the "message count" would a independent checkbox, we could combinate it with a custom status.

I'm thinking that maybe a case for the use of an underscore e.g. msg._reset (or even double underscore) to indicate some sort of private message only intended for the debug node

Just throwing it in for discussion

Has same issue as using msg.reset - could end up in a namespace type conflict

rather than a msg I would say the click to pause output button should pause the count, and then also clear the count when you re-enable.

(and no to combining with status words as you then get into should it be before words or after words and next it will be variable substitution and ... :slight_smile: )


This was all discussed at great length in the original issue/PR.

I think using the button doesn't give the flexibility needed - it is a manual reset. If you wanted to have a 'count of messages since some event happened', you'd want to be able to programmatically reset it in the flow.

Without bike-shedding it too much, we can add support for msg.resetCount - succinct, to the point, and not going to clash with existing use of msg.reset.


... but it's Friday... and I like bikes.... and sheds... :innocent:


But I've never really liked the combination. Maybe due to the school trauma of having my bike lock stolen but the bike left behind! :rofl:

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I must be living in a sheltered world as I'd never heard of 'bike-shedding' before today. :biking_woman: :biking_man:

Well as long as it's not related to tractor sheds we may be ok... (but I'm not going to search google just in case...!!!)

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