Add an array of node tags to the nodes


I was thinking about how to expand node red to allow for certain ease of development features such as programmatic flow composition, and I think having the ability to add an array of node tags to the JS would help with allowing that. Allowing a user/dev to query the nodes and see what tags they have could allow for a multitude of search and dev use cases.




thanks for the suggestion.

Do you mean the node module published to npm could have some additional tags to make them easier to find in the catalog? If so, you can already add keywords to the module’s package.json file - we just don’t expose it currently in the flow library or the palette manager within the editor - something we should look at.



I already know about the package system. I’m looking more at getting tags in editor for individual nodes. A package based system works for npm, but I’m talking more about individual nodes having their own tags.



Ah ok - so your suggesting be able to add tags to individual nodes as part of the flow definition.

What sort of use cases do you see that enabling? Would be nice to have some specific examples listed.



An example is using a recommendation engine or something similar to determine based on data if to add a node in programmatic automated composition of flows. An example of this is if a recommendation engine is looking for things to run on port 80, and a node is tagged http or port 80.