Add axis labels to ui-chart?

Is there a way to add axis labels to a chart in DB2? I suspect variants of this questions have been asked before, so I apologize if it is underway! Thanks!

PS: I am really enjoying DB2.

Just a ping to see if this is possible yet? Thanks!

Also, does anyone know how to set the color fill of scatterplot points?

@joepavitt for info

Oh man, yeah, that's a glaring missing feature - I have this issue to track it, and just bumped it up in priority.

Currently not possible, but thinking about, this should be the default of the "color" - Pull Request incoming to change this behaviour.

Edit: PR Opened: UI Chart - Have the default bg color for points as that defined in the NR Editor by joepavitt · Pull Request #690 · FlowFuse/node-red-dashboard · GitHub

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Thanks again!

Hi Joe,

Just wanted too see if there was any update on the original question in the post: can I add axis labels to a chart?



Not an option yet, been away fro the past 10 days, and playing catch up at the moment. It's in our "Up Next" column though

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