Add clustering by default

Please add clustering bu default, it was done in the past but the repos aren't updated.
Repos: "namgk/dnr-editor" and "namgk/node-red-contrib-dnr"
This would be a great for even firms to adopt and use this technologie

Can you expand on this? What exactly do you interpret clustering to mean? What behaviours would you want to see?


This node package helps connect a Node RED instance to a cluster of Node RED instances that belong to a Distributed Node RED (DNR) flow.
Link: GitHub - namgk/node-red-contrib-dnr: special node-red node used in Distrbuted Node-RED

Distributed flow editor
GitHub - namgk/dnr-editor: Distributed Data-Flow Coordination Platform Based on Node-RED)

for example,

the dnr-editor is the master or editor of the cluster,
node-red-contrib-dnr are the workers for distributed processing of messages with ha, you can create in 1 UI the flow and it wil distribute to all members, you can select rules or create rules how messages are sent 1 to 1 / 1 to N / N to 1, and what wich process object is vs vested on 1 or multiple nodes, when 1 node fails, 1 or more nodes can take over the variable/processing power of the node that disapeard of the cluster

for more information see the ols archived github libs, i used it in the past but it is not compatible with node-red 2.X

the only thing that i would like to add is that when the master is offline you the distrebuted flow editor is moved to a different node or that it is accessible on all nodes.

i used it to monitor files and ftp sites via IOT raspberry pi nodes, but copy/paste every change to 20+ nodes isn't fun to do,
it sand system data and automation to nodes/dashboard

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