Is there a guide for Node-RED cluster?

I want to run Node-RED on cluster.
Is there a guide or code provided by Node-RED for that?
Or would I need to create my own Node-RED cluster based on Node.js?
I found one on the wiki:

But the last update was almost 2 years ago.

I could bring up multiple thread using express and cluster based on node.js.
But my problem was, when I deploy my node, it seems I needed to restart all my processes, or the deployment won't apply. I wonder if node-red has some special function to let all node-red process share the same runtime information.

HI @fangzhu
there is no support for node.js clusters in the core of node-red. There have been some forks in the past that explored that, but they have not had much activity for some time and are not something we in the core of the project are looking at.

Thanks for the quick reply.