Deploy to multiple node-red runtime


To achieve horizontal scalability, I created a cluster using Node.js cluster module + express and it generally worked well. But when I click on "deploy" button after editing a flow, I don't know where my change was deployed to. It seems the changes are active only after I restart the runtime process. Is there a way to deploy changes from editor to multiple node-red runtime?



No. If you've created a cluster of runtimes you need to figure out how to update them all when the editor deploys changes.

For example, a custom storage plugin that notifies all your instances when it receives new flows.



Thanks a lot for the immediate advice.
So, after I receive the new flow, is there a API to add the new flow into the runtime or I should just restart myself to apply the new flow?
How can I make sure my current messages get processed completely when I restart my process? Will my message dead in the middle of the flow?