Clear deployed flows

I am new to node-red so I may be missing something. I could not find an answer in the documentation or searching the forum. So help is needed.

It is really 2 questions:

  1. Within the editor how can I clear the runtime of all deployed flows?
  2. How can the runtime be started without automatically starting the deployed flows?

I consider the runtime to be program I start (node-red) from a terminal window.

There's no "clear flows" feature in the editor but deleting the flow tabs manually.

If you're running Node-RED from a terminal window, you can pass several command line arguments.

  • launch with a different flows file by passing a file name different from the default, like flows_test.json
    The file does no need to exist.
  • use the projects feature to switch between different flow files

As for your second question: use the --safe argument the start the runtime, but do not run any flows.

in addition to what has been said:

  • You could start another "empty" instance of a runtime (easy when using containers/Docker)
  • You could save/deploy the flows in de-activated state before exiting the runtime, so you can manually activate them as needed after restarting the runtime.

Welcome to the forum @juggler

For point 1 click on the dropdown arrow on the Deploy button, there you will find Restart Flows which may be what you are looking for.

For point 2, as has been suggested by others, stop node red then start it again using
node-red --safe
which will start the editor but not the flows. If you make changes then Deploy will start the flows, or you can use Restart Flows as for point 1.

Thank you all. I understand the explanations and they will do everything I need to do.

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