Starting from scratch

Is there a way to start from scratch with Node-Red? Meaning nothing is saved and all is deleted. Ive screwed up something that I had working so I deleted my deployed flow and shutdown everything and rebooted everything, but when I open up my browser to localhost:1880 It brings my old flow up.
I need to start from scratch and is there a way to cleanly do this?

if it is just the flows you want fresh, just rename flows.json tosomething else and start node-red.

It's everything I want to delete and start from scratch.

Sorry, I will let the experts take over.

That sounds like you need to clear your browser cache.

Is Node-red on a PC or Linux?

At least on Linux everything you do in Node-red is within the ~/.node-red directory.
You can delete that then re-run the installation script.

There are core components of Node-red in /usr/lib/node_modules/node-red but nothing you did would have affected those, and a reinstall probably replaces them anyway.

Running Windows on a PC. I’ll try clearing my cache and see how that does before I go and reinstall for sure.

If you delete (or rename) the entire .node-red folder then that should do what you want. node-red will make a new one.

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TBH, it sounds like the OP deleted nodes but didnt deploy.

@Homerjsimpson137 if you regularly wish to do this kind of thing, project mode may be more suited. You can create new projects (new blank projects) from within the UI.

Otherwise, just do as colin stated:

  1. stop node-red
  2. delete the .node-red directory
    • you will know where that is by the output of the console output when you start node-red (it states the userdir)
  3. start node-red