Clear everything from node-red

hello how to clear all flows and subflows correctly.
Because it seems that he remembers everything.
on the image below we see in subflows 2 times the same things.

when we do tests and have them erased how we do it.
I double click on the tab and erase but it still keeps it in memory and I don't want that.
thank you for helping me

Do you mean you want to start with a completely empty flow? If so then you can delete the flows file and restart node-red and it will create a new empty file.

I don't understand why what you are suggesting does not work, however. I wonder whether you have some hidden flows. Check in the Information tab in the right hand pane to see what you have.

Thanks Colin.
ok but how to delete the feed file?
if I want to delete Alarme_v01, so all the elements on the "Alarme_v01" page image below how do we do it?

to see the hidden streams, I did: search you flows + flow

I ask how to delete the example files that I downloaded from the internet to learn, but then I don't know how to delete them and keep only the pages that I modified

I'm a beginner and for me it's a bit complicated.
thank you for your patience


If you want to delete node modules
That is, something you have installed from the palette menu, you can go to the palette menu again and remove.

If you want to delete a single flow
double click the flow and choose delete

If you want to delete a subflow
double click the subflow and choose delete (along the top)

If you want to nuke all flows/subflows

  • Stop Node red
  • Delete the flows file usually ~/.node-red/flows.json

If you want to start fresh - I.e no flows/modules installed (a clean state)
Just note: this will remove everything - it will be a clean state in Node RED

  • Stop Node red
  • Delete everything in ~/.node-red/
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Thank you marcus-j-davies, it's already clearer.

  • Delete the flows file usually ~/.node-red/flows.json >>> to do this you have to connect to the Raspberry Pi4??

That would be the usual way. Is that a problem? Presumably you already do that for doing backups and so on.

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